Fantastic Forum is a series of talks, debates, releases, signings and other parallel initiatives that address the many sides of the fantastic.

Events will take place at the Orlando Ribeiro Municipal Library in Lisbon, Portugal. Admittance is free unless stated otherwise.

The prime goal of Fantastic Forum is to introduce the general public to the work of Portuguese and foreign authors, artists and academics in the field of the fantastic, as well as to promote and enrich the study and discussion of the fantastic in Portugal.

Fantastic Forum is organized by Rogério Ribeiro, Safaa Dib, and Épica – The Portuguese Association for the Fantastic in the Arts, and sponsored by several institutions, publishers and other companies.

If you wish to contact us, please send an e-mail to


One Response to “About the event”

  1. Scot E. Green Says:

    I was wondering if the con plans to have any poetry programming. I do a blog on marketing sf/f/h poetry called as well as doing the poetry page for, a site operated by the University of Ksnsas that supports and develops the teaching of sf/f/h literature at the college and graduate school level. If you plan to have poetry programming then please send me a description of what its going to be.

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