The Adventure Begins…

July 16, 2006

Although we refrained from updating the news about the event for some time, it has been months of contacts and setting up that we hope will able us to do a Fórum Fantástico at least with the same quality and interest that were recognised last year.

To begin with, and considering some of the suggestions sent to us since the event’s last edition, we will adopt this format as the way to inform you first hand of all the news related to the FF2006. More versatile than our previous site, we expect that this will allow us to more easily meet your inquiries.

And the most important piece of news is the change on the FF2006 dates.

Due to finantial cutbacks at City Hall, the public library and auditorium where the FF2006 is to take place is unable to open on sundays (like December 3rd) and national holidays (like December 1st). So, we anticipated the event two weeks. The FF2006 will now take place between November 16 and 19, with sunday session taking place in a different venue, to be announced.